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What is the best blogging site and some tips for a beginning blogger?

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What is the best blogging site and some tips for a beginning blogger?

For someone with absolutely no blogging experience. How do they get started and establish a following?

How do you like the design of my blog?

I’ve got a blog over at http://smartboydesigns.com where I teach thousands of people about blogging tips, social media, growing your twitter following, etc…

My question to you, is whether or not you enjoy the design – and if there’s anything you notice you would change for it to be more appealing to your taste/eye.

Any input is greatly appreciate. Thanks!

When you're looking for the best blogging tips from expert bloggers, who do you turn to?

I get overwhelmed by all of the excellent info about blogging that’s available. Give me the best of the best! I’m looking to take the advice of the ones who give actionable, easily implementable ideas that work. Names and website info please. Plus, the best tip they’ve given you that really works. Thanks!

what blogging tips do you recommend?

what tips and advice would you give or like to see in a personal blog. im wanting to start a blog where i express myself freely and share my life with other. i might be going europe for a couple of months and i want to share my experience with people and be able to give advice back. i also wanting to throw in a bit of carrie bradshaws column. make it fun and exciting.

Where would you write a blog?

Like are there blogging websites or what? Because I want to start writing one. So can you give me some good websites to go to and some blogging tips?

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