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When you're looking for the best blogging tips from expert bloggers, who do you turn to?

When you're looking for the best blogging tips from expert bloggers, who do you turn to?

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I get overwhelmed by all of the excellent info about blogging that’s available. Give me the best of the best! I’m looking to take the advice of the ones who give actionable, easily implementable ideas that work. Names and website info please. Plus, the best tip they’ve given you that really works. Thanks!

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  1. Oniel Best--The Website Packager says:

    Though, you will read and be approached by many so-called experts, who tell you how they made millions out of blogging and how you too can earn that much. In addition, they tell you blogging is all play and no work. But blogging is nothing like what most people tell others. It’s a serious hard work and the chances of success, to passionate people, are more or less the same as with other real world professions.

    To get you a fair idea of blogging, from earning perspective, let I share with you some facts:

    Before answering to your question, I want to put a fact: majority bloggers earn nothing, a small number earn something equivalent to a cup of coffee a day, rest make either modest or big money.

    So when you ask "Can someone make a living out of blogging?" then the true answer is, even if very difficult, it’s possible. One can earn a living, and one can earn big money too. But why one limit the scenario to blogging, most professions and careers present the same picture, more or less.

    Now let I give a preview of the earning potential of a blog:

    If your idea is to earn by showing ads from ad programs like Adsense, Kontera, Adbrite etc. then your earnings will depend on the number of clicks you manage to get on your displayed ads. On an average, if your blog content is good, means if the content shows good context ads, and if you have 300 blog visitors then you will have 2-6 clicks on your ads. Studies show ads on websites have a click ratio of around 2 percent. Thus for every 100 visitors one can expect to get 2 clicks on ads. Or in other words, out of 100 visitors to a blog, only 2 visitors click on an ad. This translates into, 1 or 1.2 dollars a day for a 300 visitor a day blog.

    If your idea is to earn revenue by selling products through affiliate links; or sell your own products/services, then again, the earnings will depend on your blog traffic. And the chances of a visitor going for a buy, is again around 2 percent.

    Regarding who new bloggers should look up to, my answer is: You should look up to people like me, the website packagers, who will neither promise you the moon nor overwhelm you with the difficulties. What they’ll let you know is the real picture and how to overcome the difficulties that a blogger faces during his/her blog’s initial life cycle.


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